Yezdandokht St. Ankawa, Erbil, Iraq
+964 (0) 750 230 9873

Empowering Hope: Dalia’s Journey as a Field Assistant with Ankawa Humanitarian Committee

Meet Dalia,a Field Assistant with the Ankawa Humanitarian Committee (AHC) who is working on different relief projects for IDPs in her hometown of #Erbil.

“I always wanted to reach people in need,” said Dalia. “As a Field Assistant, I was able to work closely with vulnerable people and respond to their needs. I was there to answer their questions and guide them through their problems.” With support from USAID, Dalia participated in several workshops and training programs, where she learned about data collection and entry, and new techniques to monitor and evaluate the activities helping those in need. “With funding from USAID, I was able to improve and learn new skills that helped me be more professional in my work,” said Dalia.

Today, Dalia is proud of how far she has come and for her work supporting others. “I feel lucky that I was able to learn many different things in different fields,” said Dalia.

USAID is proud to continue supporting AHC under the aim of strengthening the organization’s capacities through training opportunities.