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Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual and international campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer all around the globe. We stand with the courageous women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and honor those who have lost their battle with this terrible disease. Don’t forget to check up on your health, because you matter. Concurrently, we were honored with Mr. Ramy Noori Syawish (Ankawa District Mayor)’s visit to the AHC office, who was delighted to support the cause and spread awareness about this important issue.


AHC’s Plans and Strategies

Ms. Christina Blunt, the UNOCHA Deputy Head of Country Office, and Mr.Hunar Fatah Hassan, the UNOCHA Humanitarian Affairs Officer and the Acting Head of Ninewa/Erbil sub office Field Coordination Unit visited Ankawa Humanitarian Committee office in Erbil last week and met with AHC management and discussed AHC’s plans and strategies in the upcoming 5 years.


Expansion of AHC’s Network

On May 5th, Dr. Devar Sher, AHC Executive Director, visited Chaldean Community Foundation(CCF) headquarters in Michigan, USA, and met with different CCF staff including Dr. Adhid Miri, the Director of Special Projects. This visit comes to discuss and explore joint projects and activities to serve communities in need and to expand the AHC network with the diaspora communities, donors, and partners.


Introduction of AHC to Church Representatives

As part of AHC Executive Director’s visit to USA, Dr. Sher met with representatives of different Chaldean Catholic Churches in Detroit and San Diego .Dr. Sher met with Bishop Emanuel Hana Shaleta Bishop of Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St Peter Apostle in San Diego, California and Father Fawaz Elia Kako, Pastor of the St. George Chaldean Catholic Church, Detroit, Michigan. The visit comes to introduce AHC to Church representatives and the Chaldean communities in USA and explore joint project activities serving communities in need .Dr. Sher was accompanied by Mrs. Vida Hanna, Director of Public Affairs and Strategic Communication with Catholic University in Erbil.


AHC’s Second Year

On March 6, 2022, Ankawa Humanitarian Committee held a small cake cutting ceremony to celebrate it’s second year as an NGO.H.E. Archbishop Warda, founder and head of the AHC Board, attended the ceremony and talked briefly about the future plans, projects and geographic expansion of AHC.


Core Humanitarian Standard – ACT Iraq Forum Training

On June 27, 2021, ACT Iraq Forum conducted extensive training in the English language at Ankawa Humanitarian Committee (AHC) Office on Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) for key program staff from ACT members in Iraq. The training focused on equipping, promoting, disseminating, and implementing the CHS in the ACT Iraq Forum and ACT Iraq Forum Members.

The training adopted a participatory approach and included presentations, debates, informal experience sharing, video presentations, and group exercises. It covered the 9 CHS Commitments: Commitment 1: Appropriateness, relevance, Commitment 2: Effectiveness, timeliness, Commitment 3: Strengthening Local Capacities,  Commitment 4: Communication, Participation,  Commitment 5:  Complaints Mechanisms Commitment 6: Coordination, Complementarily , Commitment 7: Learning, Improvement, Commitment 8: People Management, and Commitment 9: Resource Management.  


Through the training, the trainees were introduced to methods of enlisting the nine commitments of CHS and outlined the opportunities and challenges humanitarian workers face in implementing CHS approaches. The training participants also discussed ways to implement and Identify mechanisms to promote CHS, improve the quality and accountability in the respective organizations, and design and implement a CHS compliance plan.

As the training drew to a close, Dr. Prabin Manandhar, the trainer, and the Lutheran World Federation Country Representative in Iraq, presented the CHS Board to Devar Sher, AHC Executive Director, and thanked him for providing the training venue.

AHC is currently in the process of becoming a full ACT Alliance member. 


Progress of AHC

On Sunday, 26th of September 2021. The Ankawa Humanitarian Committee and for the first time, hosted a USAID Delegation in its main office to talk about the progress achieved. The USAID Office Director Cheryl Voisard and Deputy Director for Stabilization Jodi Rosenstein shared their opinions and thoughts. Currently, USAID Iraq is supporting and funding AHC to build its capacities in different fields through the SACR project. This is done under the supervision and guidance of our close partner Catholic Relief Services.


Climate Justice and Environment in Iraq, A Conflict Prone Context – 2021 Position Paper

AHC is excited to share its first publication under the name of Climate Justice and Environment in Iraq, A Conflict Prone Context – 2021 Position Paper.

AHC, through its environmental work, hopes to set the building blocks of a possible roadmap to combat Climate Change in Iraq and explore means to involve the government, the church, and organizations at local, national, and global levels. Accompanied with encouraging lifestyle changes in each member of the Iraqi communities.

AHC Position Paper Climate Justice and Environment in Iraq

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Ms. Caroline Tveoy, LWF Regional Program Coordinator and Global Gender Focal Point, visits Ankawa Humanitarian Committee

On August 8, 2021, Ms. Caroline Tveoy, LWF Regional Program Coordinator and Global Gender Focal Point, visited Ankawa Humanitarian Committee and met with AHC’s Executive Committee.

Ms. Tveoy was accompanied by Dr. Prabin Manandhar, LWF Iraq Country Representative, and Ms. Maryam Sryoka, ACT Iraq Forum Coordinator.

The LWF and ACT Alliance delegation was welcomed by Dr. Devar Sher, AHC Executive Director, Mr. Alin Rassam, AHC Project Director, and Ms. Sogheetha Imad, AHC Project Coordinator.

During the meeting, Dr. Sher gave a brief about humanitarian relief programs of the Chaldean Archdiocese of Erbil and the establishment of AHC by H.E. Archbishop Warda to carry on the humanitarian work of the Church. Dr. Sher also discussed the upcoming climate activities with LWF and the means of working together to combat climate change.

From her side, Ms. Tveoy reiterated the importance of local organizations in ACT Alliance and how it is a mandate for LWF to support and build the capacities of local organizations like AHC.

AHC is currently in a waiting period to be a full member of ACT Alliance.


AHC accompanies Ankawa Mayor on an official visit to U.S. Consulate

On August 3rd, 2020, the AHC Executive Director, Dr. Devar Sher, and AHC Project Director, Mr. Alin Rassam accompanied Mr. Ramy Noori Syawish, the Ankawa Mayor, to meet with officials at the U.S. Consulate General in Erbil at their headquarters.

The AHC delegation and the Mayor were welcomed by Mr. James Davis, the Political Officer, Ms. Dew Tiantawatch, the Chief of the Political and Economic Affairs Section at the U.S. Consulate, and Mr. Hozan Hasan Political Assistant.

During the meeting, different points were raised reiterating the importance of having open lines of communication between the consulate and the Municipality of Ankawa. Additionally, the parties discussed the various means of collaboration aiming to support Ankawa’s infrastructure.