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Eliminating Plastic Use and Fostering Climate Change Education in Erbil

About Climate Change Responsive Schools (CCRS)

Welcome to AHC’s latest initiative dedicated to establishing cleaner alternative practices in schools and promoting a sustainable future. With a strong focus on eliminating the use of plastic bottles, our project aims to build students’ knowledge about the pillars of climate change and sustainability. By addressing the excessive use of single-use plastic and implementing improved waste management practices, we are paving the way for a greener and healthier Erbil. The indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste poses a significant risk to the environment and public health. In our region, plastic waste is one of the most consumed and problematic solid wastes. By focusing on schools, we are taking a crucial step in combating this issue from the ground up. Our project aims to inspire change in waste management practices and create a ripple effect throughout the region, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

Awareness Workshops

The project proposes to organize a series of educational workshops with the aim of enhancing the awareness and understanding of climate-sensitive approaches among the school students and teachers.

Cool, Clean, and Healthy Water

The project aims to ensure the provision of safe and sustainable drinking water to the students through installing water filtering and cooling systems and distributing eco-friendly, plastic free water bottles.

Green School Policy

The primary objective of the Climate Change Responsive School project is to promote and advocate for the adoption of climate-sensitive approaches among younger generations, in order to equip them with the necessary knowledge and information to effectively tackle climate change challenges. Our project goes beyond reducing plastic waste. We also aim to empower school administrations by equipping them with the necessary tools to embrace a green school concept. Through workshops and guidance, we will support the implementation of sustainable approaches and practices within schools. Moreover, we believe in the power of education and will actively engage teachers and parents to deepen their understanding of climate change concepts and encourage sustainable lifestyles.

CCRS Partner

Participating Schools

Umalmauona high school

Mar Qardakh International School
Al-Bishara Private School
Maryamana Private Elementary School

CCRS in Numbers

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Eco - friendly water bottles
Cooling & filtering water systems