Yezdandokht St. Ankawa, Erbil, Iraq
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Founding Ankawa Humanitarian Committee (AHC)


In Feb 2020, Chaldean Archdiocese of Erbil Represented by H.E. Chaldean Archbishop Bashar Warda founded Ankawa Humanitarian Committee (AHC) as a legal representative NGO to carry out the Archdiocese’s humanitarian work and reach out to national and international donors.

AHC hopes to expand on the Archdiocese’s activities to reach all vulnerable people that struggle to survive in Iraq.


AHC Mission Statement

“In a fragile and traumatized community, humanitarian and developmental work becomes an undisputed need. AHC is directed towards every area of need of Iraq’s community: from economic poverty, education, equal rights, female empowerment, IDP and Refugee support, social cohesion and coexistence. We will address the long-term humanitarian challenges Iraq has faced for many decades with accountability, compassion and long held Christian values. To build a community, where each citizen is able to participate fully in the life of their country.” (Mission of AHC, 2020)


Financial needs, Now and the Future

All of the above support contributed to providing the IDPs with adequate accommodation, food, health care, education, and pastoral care. It also contributed to reviving the economic life of the IDPs in Erbil.

The financial support also contributed to providing job opportunities and helped create small businesses such as groceries, household utensil shops and market stalls. The IDPs did not want to be a burden on the local economy but rather a support amid the ongoing economic crisis.

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